Meet Alicia Wood - Camp Director and CEO at Camp Fuel

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This week, we’re super excited to introduce you to Alicia Wood, one of our experts and Camp Director/CEO of Camp Fuel. She’s shaking things up when it comes to health, wellness, and community by bringing the magic of Summer camp into adult life, all year round. Whether you want to be a kid again at her annual retreat in Muskoka, or do something out of the box like a bootCAMP & beer class in a brewery, Alicia’s got you covered.

I recently had the chance to chat with Alicia about her story, so I thought I’d bring you along! Keep on swimming (oops - scrolling) to learn more.


Q: What got you into health and wellness?

A: Through my youth and following into adulthood, I was never very healthy. I have always battled with my weight and never particularly loved exercising until I experienced group fitness classes. I loved the group dynamic, and inspiring instructors - I was hooked! To this day, I still only work out in a group setting. I find it far more motivating than me attempting to push myself. 

Q: How did the idea for Camp Fuel come about?

A: I'm an introvert and always felt like a bit of an outsider. Making friends was challenging for me. I wanted to find a healthy way to bring like-minded people together to support each other, have fun and make it easy for friendships to form with an inviting community. When I went to camp as a kid, it was the first place that I felt I could be myself to the fullest extent, and where I knew that I belonged. I started Camp Fuel because who is to say that adults can’t experience that same feeling?

Q: Who inspires you and why?

A: Kind people who can be themselves and speak their mind without caring what anyone else thinks about them, that’s inspiring. It is really challenging to be authentic these days and when someone can embody the "This is me, take it or leave it" attitude, all while being a good person, I am so drawn towards them.

Q: Where are your favourite places to get active in the city?

A: Here's where I'm going to get a bit biased. I love Elle Fitness and Social! It's where I first fell in love with working out and where I now lead classes as well. Another burn I’m obsessed with is at Studio Lagree. All of the trainers love and believe in the method to their core - so you know you're in for a killer workout. Most of all, I love it when I am able to participate in classes that we facilitate with Camp Fuel. We're so lucky to have the most incredible instructors working with us. It allows us to offer some really fun and exciting classes that are changing all the time. At Camp Fuel, we're not locked into the same class all the time, we have the flexibility to fuse styles and include a social element to the classes.

Q: You’re also a beer lover, so where are some of your go-to spots for brews in the city?

A: Junction Craft, Left Field & Henderson's are some of my all-time favourites. I also love Bandit (that little trash panda logo gets me every time)!

We know what you’re thinking… how can I do what Alicia does? Well, you could start by checking out Camp Fuel and maybe even challenging yourself to one of her bootCAMP & beer events! You can also keep an eye out for Alicia’s favourite places and local tips through Wavy. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do that here

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PS. Camp Fuel is a Toronto-based wellness company that helps adults connect through fitness and camp-like activities. They offer weekly "Day Camps", encouraging the community to frequently get-together, along with a yearly weekend “Overnight Camp” in Muskoka. Whether you love to do bootcamps, improv, pilates, climbing walls, high ropes or anything else fitness and camp-related, Camp Fuel’s got you covered!

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