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Find experiences you’ll love - no search required.

Discovering off the beaten path activities shouldn’t take hours of searching and sifting through reviews. Planning an adventure should be a great experience from the get go.

That's why we're building Wavy - an app that will give you local recommendations on the go. How? We work with local experts to uncover their favourite things to do in their own city. Next, we get to know you, so that we can suggest activities that are relevant to your interests. That way, you can spend more time exploring - we’ve got the rest covered.

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We're inviting you to rediscover Toronto.

We’ve worked with local community builders to uncover the best things to do in the city. From live music, to biking trails, picnic spots, hidden patios, unique restaurants, or adventure sports, we’ve found it all. Now, it’s up to you to get out there and explore!